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Friday, 09 May 2014
time 20:15 CET
Stelmet Zielona Góra
Gdynia, Poland
Pos Team Pts Gam Win Los
1. Turów 57 32 25 7
2. Stelmet 57 32 25 7
3. Trefl 54 32 22 10
4. Anwil 48 32 16 16
5. Rosa 48 32 16 16
6. Czarni 46 32 14 18
7. Asseco 50 32 18 14
8. AZS 50 32 18 14
9. Śląsk 49 32 17 15
10. Polpharma 42 32 10 22
11. Stabill 39 32 7 25
12. Kotwica 34 32 4 28
Asseco Gdynia GTK


1. Galdikas Ovidijus 15.8
2. Szczotka Piotr 10.8
3. Dmitriev Fedor 10.3


1. Galdikas Ovidijus 15.3
2. Szczotka Piotr 7.8
3. Frasunkiewicz Przemysław 3.5


1. Walton A.J. 4.0
2. Dmitriev Fedor 1.3
3. Frasunkiewicz Przemysław 1.0


1. Galdikas Ovidijus 29.5
2. Szczotka Piotr 10.5
3. Walton A.J. 6.5


1. Walton A.J. 15.7
2. Dmitriev Fedor 15.5
3. Szczotka Piotr 11.3


1. Walton A.J. 7.2
2. Szczotka Piotr 6.2
3. Galdikas Ovidijus 4.9


1. Walton A.J. 5.7
2. Szczotka Piotr 2.5
3. Dmitriev Fedor 2.4


1. Walton A.J. 18.6
2. Szczotka Piotr 14.4
3. Dmitriev Fedor 13.8


1. Walton A.J. 15.4
2. Dmitriev Fedor 12.7
3. Szczotka Piotr 10.5


1. Szczotka Piotr 7.0
2. Walton A.J. 4.7
3. Dmitriev Fedor 4.6


1. Walton A.J. 5.7
2. Dmitriev Fedor 1.7
3. Szczotka Piotr 1.7


1. Walton A.J. 16.2
2. Szczotka Piotr 14.1
3. Dmitriev Fedor 11.4


Prokom took 2nd place after regular seson. The series of consecutive wins of RS was put to the end by Turow who finished first. Sopot had 17:7 record, which could have been better but Polish Champs lost three straight games at the beginning of March.

Fourth Polish Cup for Prokom Trefl
Couple of days before the playoffs Polish Cup tournament was held. In the semis, Prokom cruised poast Anwil 92:62. It was game without history as Sopot won first half by 50:19!. Prokom Trefl was determined and focused in the final against arch rivals from Wroclaw. Gurovic 20 points and Shakur perfect all-round performance left no place for mistake on the road to 81:69 convincing win.

Play-off - It's Milan Gurovic time!
Reigning Champions began the title defense with a series against AZS Koszalin. Prokom controlled the events on the court on the way to 82:74 win (Gurovic 22, Slanina 18, Dylewicz 12 and 19 boards - Jeff Nordgaard, George Reese and DJ Thompson had 15 apiece.)

Prokom routed contenders in Game 2, 84:55. Serapinas had 16 points on 4 of 7 three point shooting. Masiulis and Dylewicz combined for 26 points and 17 rebounds. Shakur added 13 points.

AZS Koszalin ambitious and aggressive play in Game 3 gave them 76:62 home win over a little bit unfocused Polish Champions. Reese had 25 points and 8 boards, Thompson notched 20 points, 6 steals and 5 assists. Milan Gurovic had 28 points and 7 rebounds.

Serbian picked up where he left in Game 3. He scored 33 points on the way to 91:66 crushing victory and Asseco Prokom sealed semifinal qualification.

Some troubles in Swiecie
Polish Champs split first games of the series. They won the first one with ease 88:66 but lost the second one 81:92. So the series was tied at 1 going into Swiecie. Milan Gurovic struggled all night, was 1 of 7 from the field and 2 of 5 from foul line. Fortunately Shakur and Dylewicz stepped up and comibined for 28 points to lead Prokom to 73:69 Game 3 win.

Prokom could have taken commanding lead in the best of seven series in Game 4, but Polpak had a good start to the game and didn't allow Sopot team to rally back and won 90:81. Bobby Dixon had 18 points and 7 assists on the night. Slanina had good offensive game scoring 22 points.

The series went back to Sopot, where fans could admire Milan Gurovic 27 point game. (16 points of free throws). He was unstoppable that night and visitors had to foul them as many as 10 times, to put him off the stride, which by the way never happened. Dylewicz chipped in with 15 points and 9 rebounds, Sow added 13 points and Shakur had 8 points and 6 assists.

Prokom tightened the defense in the Game 6 and had 49:37 halftime lead. They must have relaxed too much during the intermission because they lost third quarter 14:27 and Polpak pushed the game to OT. Dylewicz scored the winning basket of the game and Prokom sealed their finals berth behind 96:94 win (4-2 in the series). Gurovic and Dylewicz combined for 40 points.

Prokom Trefl Sopot wins fifth consecutive Championship!
Tomas Pacesas players topped Turow Zgorzelec 4:3 in the best of seven series. It was the first time since 1999 when final series went all the way to seven games. Rivalry was very intense and for the first time in years Sopot wasn't bookies' favorites.

Behind David Logan 26 points, Turow 82:79 won in Zgorzelec in the opening game of the series.

Turow took game 2 as well. Thomas Kelati 30 points led the path to 89:71 victory. American made 8 of 9 three pointers. Saso Filipovski team took 2:0 lead in the series. None team in Polish League History have lost the finals when having that big edge.

Prokom Trefl stars shinned in Sopot. Milan Gurovic scored 34 points and Jovo Stanojevic added double-double 18 points and 10 rebounds to give Defending Champions their first W of the series, 80:76.

Prokom protected the home court in Game 4 as well. Milan Gurovic was rejected after getting into the fight with Thomas Kelati, but last year Finals MVP stepped up. Donatas Slanina and Filip Dylewicz scored 20 apiece to help Prokom edge Turow by 73:70.

Gurovic didn't go to Zgorzelec for Game 5 because he received suspension for previous game events. Despite playing without their leader yellow and black hold down hosts to 59 points while scoring 66 and escaped from the hot arena with a victory. Dylewicz had 26 points and Roszyk added 15.

Gurovic came back for Game 6 and it seemed Prokom Trefl will claim Championship with a win at home. The thought must have set their minds too optimistically and Sopot players lost the game by 69:74. Andres Rodriguez and Dragis Drobnjak combined for 40 points.

Series went all the way down to Game 7 in Zgorzelec. After very exciting game Prokom Trefl defended the title by winning 76:70. Milan Gurovic outscored David Logan by 36:26 in the shooters rivalry. Filip Dylewicz was named MVP of the finals.

It was very turbulent season for Prokom Trefl franchise. The goals were very ambitious and Polish Championship and Cup didn't seem like much before the season tip off. But given all the circumstances - coach change and players replacements, Sopot franchise should be satisfied with final outcome.

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