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Sunday, 22 April 2018
time 17:45
Rosa Radom
Radom, Poland
Asseco Poland SA
Pos Team Pts Gam Win Los
1. Anwil 56 32 24 8
2. Stal 55 32 23 9
3. Polski Cukier 55 32 23 9
4. Stelmet 53 32 21 11
5. Rosa 52 32 20 12
6. MKS 52 32 20 12
7. King 50 32 18 14
8. Turów 50 32 18 14
9. Start 49 32 17 15
10. Trefl 49 32 17 15
11. Asseco 49 32 17 15
12. Polpharma 47 32 15 17
13. AZS 43 32 11 21
14. GTK Gliwice 42 32 10 22
15. Miasto Szkła 40 32 8 24
16. Legia 37 32 5 27
17. Czarni 24 32 5 27


1. Szubarga Krzysztof 14.1
2. Żołnierewicz Przemysław 12.4
3. Garbacz Jakub 12.1


1. Wyka Dariusz 5.7
2. Żołnierewicz Przemysław 5.2
3. Ponitka Marcel 5.0


1. Szubarga Krzysztof 5.7
2. Ponitka Marcel 3.5
3. Żołnierewicz Przemysław 2.8


1. Szubarga Krzysztof 15.1
2. Wyka Dariusz 12.3
3. Żołnierewicz Przemysław 12.1


1. Logan David 18.8
2. Ewing Daniel 11.6
3. Dylewicz Filip 11.6


1. Burke Pat 7.7
2. Dylewicz Filip 7.5
3. Burrell Ronald 3.9


1. Logan David 3.6
2. Brazelton Tyrone 3.1
3. Ewing Daniel 2.9


1. Logan David 16.2
2. Dylewicz Filip 16.2
3. Burke Pat 13.9
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Place at the end of the season: 1 (gold medal)
Place after regular season (W-L): 1 (19:7)
Achievements: Euroleague TOP16
Coaches: Tomas Pacesas, David Dedek (assistant)
Best scorers: Woods 19.2, Logan 18.3, Ewing 11.9, Dylewicz 10.1, Burke 9.9

Roster: (year born, height, position)
Aniekan Archibong 1981/202 3
Tyron Brazelton 1986/181 1
Pat Burke 1973/208 5
Ronnie Burrell 1983/204 4
Filip Dylewicz 1980/202 4
Daniel Ewing 1983/191 1/2
Adam Hrycaniuk 1984/206 4/5
Mateusz Kostrzewski 1989/201 3
Aleksander Krauze 1989/187 2
David Logan 1982/184 2
Adam Lapeta 1987/217 5
Aleksej Nesovic 1985/189 1
Sławomir Sikora 1986/194 1
Piotr Szczotka 1981/196 3
Tomasz Swietonski 1984/184 1
Qyntel Woods 1981/202 3
Jakub Zalucki 1989/194 3
Przemysław Zamojski 1986/198 2/3

In the previous season franchise won Polish Championship but Euroleague performance did not meet the expectations. And the big changes came. The budget was cut by two-thirds. Club headquarters were moved to Gdynia. Przemyslaw Seczkowski filled the void after Kazimierz Wierzbicki, who has left to volleyball, as CEO. Vera Vakulenko was appointed as Sport Director. (formerly the vice-president of CSKA Moscow). Contract with Tomas Pacesas was re-signed.

Despite big changes the goals remained ambitious. Win sixth consecutive Polish Championship and advance to Euroleague TOP16.

Filip Dylewicz extended the contract to play his twelfth season at seaside. (At 27 yrs old he was also the oldest on the roster till Burke joined the team). Adam Lapeta, Mateusz Kostrzewski and Przemyslaw Zamojski also re-signed. Tomas Swietonski came back to 3City after four years.

Newly inked included - last season's MVP and best scorer - David Logan. Fighter - Aleksej Nesovic, Khimki Moscow - Daniel Ewing, PF Ronnie Burrell and SF Aniekan "Koko" Archibong, both forwards arrived from Bundeslinga.

Two new Polish players joined the team - Piotr Szczotka who moved from Slupsk and Adam Hrycaniuk who came back from American university league.

First in Polish League, modest Euroleague performance.
Team renamed to Asseco Prokom Sopot breezed past pre season opponents. Shortly after the start of the campaign Irish Pat Burke joined the roster.

Sopot picked up where it left and without bigger problems was winning Polish League matches. In Euroleague Asseco Prokom lost opening game to Montepaschi in Italy. In the second round Polish team routed debutants from Nancy 91:62. Daniel Ewing scored 32 points on the night and was named the player of the week with 35 ranking points. One week later Tomas Pacesas players won 65:60 over Zalgiris Kaunas and had good situation in the group. Asseco Prokom lost subsequent matches against Barcelona, Montepaschi or Panathinaikos. Sopot team was always fighting to the end in those games and for sure fans didn't feel disappointed. Asseco Prokom managed to advance to Top16 with humble 2:8 record.

Polish Champs played solid basketball, which however sometimes lacked a spark which would ignite the whole machine. Opponents quickly realized that if they stop Ewing and Logan they will have game in their hands. Nesovic and Archibong left the team and Tyrone Brazeloton and Qyntel Woods were brought in their place. Polish team lost five games of Top16 stage but got one sweet victory in Italy against AJ Milan 96:72.

First loss in Polish League came in the fifth round. The magnitude of it was a bit of a shock. Zgorzelec topped Prokom 80:59. Six rounds later Prokom was surprised by Gornik. These were away losses though. But Polish Champs didn't play very well and Wojciech Kaminski, Polonia Warszawa took advantage of it and handed Sopot team their first home defeat in 20 months! Despite the struggles Asseco Prokom Sopot led by Qyntel Woods finished the regular season on top with 19:7 record.

Play-off, unstoppable Woods-Logan duo. Quarterfinals against Atlas Ostrow Wielkopolski went all the way to deciding flip mostly because of lack of Sopot team focus.

In the semis Asseco Prokom met their archrivals Anwil! Sopot team protected the home court in the first two games of the series to take 2:0. Qyntel Woods had very good playoffs averaging 20ppg., and was believed to be one of the most dominant players who has ever played in the league.

Rivalry went to Wloclawek where Pomeranian team had to play in very hostile and unfriendly environment. Anwil took game 3 of the series 88:76 and one day later also protected the home court by winning 95:90. It's worth mentioning that in the last quarter hosts led by as many as 20 points, but Qyntel Woods almost single-handily made it close game. He had 35 points on the evening.

With the series tied at 2:2, Game 5 was to be played in Sopot. There was some concerns about the final result because of Qyntel injury. But David Logan 33 points were more than enough to win 90:79 and put Anwil on the brink of elimination. Prokom won the game and proved that they are very dangerous even if their first offensive option is sidelined.

Polish Champs used strong second quarter performance to rout Anwil in Wloclawek 88:63 and secure finals berth. Ronnie Burrell and Woods scored 25 apiece and they combined for 25 rebounds.

Asseco Prokom met Turow Zgorzelec for the third consecutive time in the league finals. Sopot team topped their opponents 4:1 in the series without history. Turow won only Game 2, 93:84 in Sopot. Mostly thanks to 34:14 fourth quarter rally. Asseco Prokom claimed Championsip with a 96:74 victory in Game 5. Woods was named MVP of the finals.
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